DCCFW Gleaning Program is going into its fourth year in Fall, 2017. We have the equipment we need, from a City of Forest Grove Community Enhancement Project (CEP) grant award in 2015.  In 2016, we gathered over a thousand pounds of food in three locations to distribute to pantries and share with our group of Harvesters for that “Pick.”

We gather MANY sturdy cardboard boxes, we carpool to a site that has been previously checked out by our Harvest Leader(s), and once there, we review safety guidelines together. Also before we start, Harvesters sign volunteer waivers for our liability insurance coverage. Owners can choose to keep some of the harvested fruit, and sometimes vegetables. Half of our group of Harvesters need to self-identify as currently qualifying as “low income.” All of the Harvesters can help sort and weigh the fruit, with the best food going to the pantries, and the almost best fruit going to Harvesters. The Harvesters share the “almost best” fruit as they decide together what they want to take home. (Often, the less than perfect fruit is dried or made into juice.)

After the harvesting, as a group, we review how the whole Pick went.

For inquiries:

Email: dairycreekgleaningproject@gmail.com

Phone: 971-713-5679


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