In Transition 2.0 -Third Thursday Food Film for February 02/18 7:30 pm

“Is THIS what Forest Grove Needs To Do?!” “What’s a TRANSITION NETWORK?” Come join us to view and then discuss “IN TRANSITION 2.0”! The essence of the Transition Town concept is building resilience at the community level. What was really great about our lives before we became so reliant on fossil fuels? How did people help each other live well before fuel took us to suburbs? How do relationships truly reinforce resilience? Just what were those Victory Gardens all about?
 A Transition town – or more generally, a transition initiative – is a grassroots community project that seeks to build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability. Around the world, it is being created by local groups that uphold the values of the transition network. So, will you be able to come view this film? It shows work by people all over the world to re-create how we can each share our valuable skills. Amazing – towns where what you know how to do can be traded for what you need someone else to do for you!
As usual, Dairy Creek Community Food Web offers our Third Thursday Food Film Festival free – and the popcorn, too! Join us at Forest Grove Grange, 1917 B Street, 7 pm! THURSDAY, February 18, 2016.

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