Farm Commons – legal source for farmers -upcoming Winter Farm Law Education Series

Farm Commons is a fantastic legal resource for farmers, and they have recently released their Winter Farm Law Education Series. Each online tutorial will be followed by an interactive live online roundtable, where you can share ideas with other beginning farmers.
This season’s topics are as follows:

Introduction to Sustainable Farm Law

Insurance for the Farm: Policies and Principles to Efficiently Manage Risk

The What, Why and How of Choosing and Organizing a Business Entity for the Farm

Building a Legally Sound Intern and Volunteer Program for Farm Work

Food Safety Liability and Regulations: FSMA and Beyond

Sales 1: Availability, Invoicing and Dispute Resolution with Food Buyers

Sales 2: Contracts for Planning Ahead of Production

State specific employment law tutorials for MN, WI, IL, IA, OH, and MI

A Project of Friends of Family Farmers

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