Fill Your Pantry 2013 Lineup!

AS OF Thursday, OCTOBER 24, here are the items vendors have listed for sale at the Fill Your Pantry Market:
[ We expect more vendors!]Mountaindale Farms:

Apple butter; Tomato jam; Tomato pepper jelly, Dilly beans; dried Borghese tomatoes; horseradish.

Dairy Creek Farm:

Raw honey; bee pollen; propolis tincture; beeswax candles; bee products: lotionbars, soaps, salves, lipcare; Blueberry honey jam; pickled vegetables: Green beans, honey pickled beets.

Amaro’s Produce:

Eggs; zucchini, potatoes; peppers; quinces; chilacaotes; apples; onions; buttercup squash; acorn squash, roasted peppers.

BigFoot Bread Company:

Bread, cake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, English muffins.

Don Felipe Products:

Frozen green and red Toulacan style chorizo (Mexican Sausage)

B Street Permaculture Farm:

Organic Yukon Gold potatoes; winter squash, Red Garnet Amaranth grain; popping corn.

Bennett Urban Farm:

Coffee By The Cup and 1/2 pound beans/grounds; fresh made jams.

Sweetrock Farm Swiss Bakery:

Whole wheat bread; 100% rye bread; various pastries; baguettes, etc. (Traditional artisan Swiss bread & pastries.)

Three D Ranch:
Garlic varieties; butternut squash.

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