Dec 2012 Food Film Night Converted to Live Terra Madre Presentation!

Third Thursday Food Film Night Converted to Live Terra Madre Presentation!
                                                   A Taste of Terra Madre: Our Delegates Share Their Experiences
For December, our Dairy Creek Community Food Web will bring our two local delegates to the recent Slow Food / Terra Madre  Convention, held in Turin, Italy, to share their experiences with our local food-head audience. Alejandro Tecum, from Adelante Mujeres and La Esperanza Farms, plus Terry O’Day, from Pacific University’s B Street Permaculture Farm, are ready to take us on a verbal and pictorial tour.  Alejandro and Terry will have slides to show us and much to tell us about what the world’s farmers and producers are creating as Slow Food.
Every other year, delegates from the world’s diverse food producing regions travel to Italy to teach each other what they’ve learned as food-involved producers and providers.
Experience Terra Madre 2012 through the ideas, experiences and wisdom brought home by our delegates who just attended the event in Italy. Last month Slow Food International gathered together over 2,000 farmers, chefs, food educators and youth from 150 countries to discuss and find solutions, seek understanding, and help create a more sustainable food system for all. Terra Madre occurs every other year in conjunction with the Salone de Gusto.
The delegates who represented our larger Metro region are
Alejandro Tecum, Director of Adelante Agricultura, a sustainable farming program via the organization Adelante Mujeres
Terry O’Day, educator, urban farmer, food activist
Kendra Kimbirauskas, founder of Friends of Family Farmers, currently raising heritage breeds for meat and dairy
Michele Knaus, Executive Director of Friends of Family Farmers.
Bette McKibben, co-owner of McK Ranch, raising 100% grass-fed and -finished cattle
Alejandro and Terry, from Forest Grove, will be presenting their experiences on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the Forest Grove Grange, 1917 B Street, 97116
The knowledge and experiences these delegates will be sharing is vital in helping us gain a better global perspective of what is occurring in the world of small-land farmers and food that is good, clean and fair. Please join us at this important event and pass this invitation on to others you think may be interested.


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