Food film October 2012

Title:Symphony of the Soil
A Multi-Film Project by Deborah Koons Garcia 

also the producer of “The Future of Food”

Press Release  10/3/12

SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL, the new documentary by filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia, portrays soil as a protagonist in our planetary story. The filmmaker, best known for her acclaimed documentary The Future of Food, is thoroughly detailed in her arguments to help humans “stop treating soil like dirt.”

The film begins with international soil scientists demonstrating   just what living soil consists of – the many physical components, including the microorganisms farmers and gardeners are increasingly concerned with, to support the growth of nutritious food. It continues, showing the human relationship with soil, especially our use of it as an agricultural medium. Symphony of the Soil goes on to explore the relationship of our treatment of soil and such problems as resource depletion, overuse of nitrogen, genetic engineering, and the end of oil.

The film will be shown free at the Forest Grove Grange on Thursday, October 18, at 7:30 pm. Co-sponsored by Dairy Creek Community Food Web and the Grange, it is one in a year-long series of Food Film Festival offerings. Light refreshments will be available, and donations are encouraged to support the work of the local food web organization.

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