Third Thursday Food Film September 15th, 2016 7:30 pm

Hello friends of Dairy Creek Community Food Web! This month, we offer three (3!) films, all on one night – Thursday, September 15, at 7:30 at the Forest Grove Grange at 1917 “B” Street. For learning what it’s like to be a real cowboy – one who raises cows (and horses), we offer : The Perennial Plate [Cows & Horses]. To be good-looking is evidently a qualifying quality! (The cowboys, not the cows.) We also have a quick “Farm Hack” – what some farmers do to make their work…umm, WORK! Then, we offer another opportunity to see how modern day folks are creating sustainable lives in New Joizy in [SWEET] SOURLANDS – a very poor name for living inside the lovely woods that grow within one of the most populous states in USA!We hope you will join us – as usual, we have free film(s), free popcorn, and very fine conversations. Again: THIS COMING THURSDAY, 7:30 pm, FG Grange, 1917 “B” Street. Did we mention we have opportunities to borrow some of the DVDs we’ve screened in the past? The fines are very steep if they’re not returned promptly, but well worth the opportunity to learn from very talented documentary makers! =) Robin, for DCCFW


Farmer Rising 2016

Save the date:

Farmers Rising, Oregon’s Beginning Farmer & Rancher Convivium

WHEN: Friday, October 14th-Sunday, October 16th

WHERE: Two Rivers Farm, Springfield, OR

WHAT: a full weekend of workshops, celebration, sharing, eating and drinking, networking, dancing, music-enjoying, & cavorting!

NEW THIS YEAR: A group Q & A with some of the state’s most influentional and experienced growers, the Agrarian Elders Roundtable.

WHO: This event is joyfully brought to you by the folks at Friends of Family Farmers, Rogue Farm Corps, & the South Willamette Beginning Farmers Alliance.

HOW MUCH: $90 for the full weekend, $75 for Saturday and Sunday only. Ticket purchase includes all meals (deliciously catered by Party Downtown), and weekend camping at Two Rivers. Price will increase to $115 on October 3.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED: We’re looking for a few folks who want to lend a hand at this year’s event. In return for 8 hours of volunteering, you’ll recieve a signifcantly discounted weekend ticket. Interested in volunteering at Farmers Rising? Email Molly.

Tickets will go on sale in early September.
In the meantime, stay connected:

Farmers Rising on Facebook

Full event details available here

Have a great remainder of your summer, and hope to see you this fall at Farmers Rising!

Until then, 

Farm On!

Friends of Family Farmers – FoFF brings together farmers and citizens to shape and support socially and environmentally responsible family-scale agriculture in Oregon.
Farm On Oregon – By bringing farmers, future farmers and farm-friendly folks together, our Farm On program builds community centered around agriculture, while sharing knowledge and wisdom in creative, fruitful, supportive & educational ways.
Oregon Farm Link – Looking for farmland? Oregon Farm Link can help! Oregon Farm Link is a free service provided by Friends of Family Farmers that connects beginning farmers and ranchers with land holders to help Oregon grow the next generation of family farmers.
Friends of Family Farmers

249 Liberty St NE Ste 212

Salem, OR 97301

Third Thursday Film, “Our Land “August 18 th, 2016

Dairy Creek Community Food Web presents the August 18, 2016 FOOD FILM FESTIVAL screening:OUR LAND in Four Episodes;
“SOLUTION TO POLLUTION” – Farms will be servicing the people who live close to them.

“DISTRIBUTION” – Sell it from the field, no warehousing.

“ADAPTIVE SEEDS” – Seeds produced in one region and planted in another will struggle to defend themselves against disease.

“GOOD FARMA: ACCESS TO GRAZING” – Land leasing issues include hoops to jump through, strings attached, misinformation.

As usual, free film, free popcorn, and fine conversation: Forest Grove Grange, 1917 “B” St, 7:30.Third Thursday, August 18.


Third Thursday Film SOURLANDS July 21,2016 7:30 pm

Welcome to SOURLANDS : a film that weaves a provocative tale of ecology, energy and agriculture, told from a deep forest surrounded by sprawl. The film is set in an area of New Jersey where an unlikely forest still exists in that over-populated state. A group of local engineers searches for new ways to save energy and stop global warming. Pay close attention, and the challenges facing this community look a lot like the challenges facingecosystems, farmers, and energy visionaries everywhere. 

 The film is the latest to be screened by Dairy Creek Community Food Web at Forest Grove Grange on Thursday, JULY 21, 2016, 7:30 pm at 1917 “B” Street. One of the Up, Up, Farm! series developed by The Greeenhorns, you will learn more about the realities of current climate change and how people are answering those changes. As usual, free film, free popcorn, and fine conversation. 

The synopsis:
From award-winning journalist Jared Flesher comes SOURLANDS,

a provocative tale of ecology, energy, and agriculture. 

In the Sourlands of New Jersey, a rampaging deer herd, invasive plants, 

and wholesale habitat destruction threaten the local ecosystem. Farmers 

in the surrounding valley battle against high land prices, high property taxes,

and increasingly erratic weather patterns. 

The message of cautious hope presented in the film is just as universal:

To start solving complicated environmental problems, we need to forgo quick

fixes and start restoring the natural world — and people’s connection to it —

from the forest floor up.  

North Plains Thursday Marketplace July 21,2016 5:00-8:00 pm

OHSU/Tuality Community Hospital will hold health screenings July 21st at the market. Live Music provided by the Rogue Pub.Market matches $10.00 on SNAP/ Double up Bucks for Oregon Trail Cards! Senior/WIC vouchers honored. Market Sprouts receive $3.00 with each visit to the market towards purchase of fruits and vegetables! 

Veggie Tattoos and beet prints for children under age four.

  Make art in front of the historic murals in progress!