Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary is offering approximately 20 yards of lovely horse compost

We use no pesticides on the sanctuary and try to keep hay out of our compost pile to reduce any chance for surplus weed seeds so our compost is quite lovely. We also amend it with kitchen veggie scraps. It is turned several times a year to keep it beautiful.

We have been growing our pile since July and are in need of finding a good home for it as we begin construction on a beautiful O2 Compost System (Oxygen assisted hyper compost system). This will allow us to preserve our soils and produce great garden compost in 1/4 the time it takes by just creating a pile.

We are happy to get the compost delivered to you there (free to you) and think that it might be a great amendment for your new big community garden plot or for a giveaway for others who might desire some great quality and free compost for their gardens.

All my best,

Suzi Cloutier

Backyard Wildlife Program

DIrector- Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary